Bris: BRGN's statement piece

Bris: BRGN's statement piece

Bris Poncho is one of BRGN’s bestselling coats, but why? A conversation with designer, Karine Lunde, can tell us a bit more.

It started with a dress

“I used to have a dress with a tunneled belt which was the inspiration to this unique solution in a coat. There were already several rain ponchos on the market, but I was missing some shaping opportunities”.

As she were designing the Bris Poncho, Karine became pregnant, which affected the process further. She wanted a coat she could wear while being pregnant, but that would also fit her after having the baby. The tunneled belt helped cover this need, as one can shape and fit as one pleases.

BRGN Bris - Steel Blue SS22
Edgy statement piece

Getting the tunneled solution waterproof showed to be a challenge, but once that was done, the statement piece was live. “The Bris Poncho is an outfit in itself, you can wear it with a pullover and jeans, and look like a million bucks”, Karine explains. She thinks this among with its practicality is the reason behind Bris’ huge success. “You can zip it all the way up when the wind is blowing, or wear it open during the warmer days.” A feature our customers love are the magnetic buttons. Perfect for when you’re in a hurry and need to throw on a coat without checking the weather. 

BRGN Bris Poncho - Brown Plaid

A fit for everybody

The unique shape makes it easy for anyone to style. When asked if she´s done any changes Karine answers that she didn’t want to change the original. “As we saw a younger audience also preferring this coat, we added a smaller size, but other than that the design and fit never changed.” Bris Poncho has been made in an endless variety of colours, patterns and textiles. Karine’s personal favourite is the one in Brown Plaid. For the SS22 collection we launched Bris in two new colours; Steel Blue and Pale Banana.

Bris remains an everyday favourite with its edgy design and oversized fit to this day, 5 years after its launch.

BRGN Bris - Colours and patterns

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