This is BRGN

With a common desire to create excellent options to traditional rainwear, Karine Trellevik Lunde and Ros-Mari Tobiassen Gaundal founded BRGN in 2015.

"With BRGN there is no need to compromise fashion for functionality. By providing modern urban customers with high quality and waterproof outerwear, BRGN makes life easier and more fashionable."

The beginning

Bergen. The city surrounded by seven beautiful mountains and elongated fjords, known as the rainiest cities in Europe. It was no coincidence; this was the perfect city to start the adventure of BRGN. After finding love with their respective partners in Bergen, Karine and Ros-Mari had already embarked on a long-term companionship as colleagues and friends. However, one unanswered question on their regular hike up mount-Fløyen, sparked their new common desire:

“Where can I find fashionable and waterproof jackets, that are both able to handle the Bergen weather as well as finer occasions, unlike the typical raincoats or all-weather jackets?”

Karine had no answer for Ros Maris’ question. No brand could meet their standards or needs. With Karines’ long experience as a designer and Ros-Maris’ excellent skills in business leadership, they decided to build the solution from scratch, offering customers brilliant options to traditional rainwear.

 The vision

When you wear a BRGN-product, there is no need to compromise fashion for functionality.

We provide modern urban customers with high quality and waterproof outerwear, that makes life both easier and fashionable.

With the products' hidden technical fixtures and fashion design, our brand differs from other outerwear brands.

Enjoy being warm and dry in your high-quality products, and dress fashionable and functionally in all sorts of weather.

The mission

Our main mission is to be the preferred supplier of formal and fashionable outerwear for the modern urban customer, being perceived as a high-quality brand and an excellent problem solver in everyday life. With its hidden technical fixtures and fashion design, we pair fashion and functionality and let our customers dress functionally and fashionable in all sorts of weather.

We live in one of the rainiest cities in the world.
When it comes to rain, you’ve got nothing on us.
With rain comes life, our way of life.
We Are BRGN. 

The vibe

The Community


We stand by organisations who supports and strengthens the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, being LGBTQ+ friendly to the core in both manners and action. We donate the profits from our Love cap to these organisations.

We highlight others

We use our voice to engage further, by highlighting artists and people who inspire us. By showcasing their work and uniqueness, we do co-labs and display their art or co-labs in our stores.

The Eco-System

To reduce our carbon footprint, we do no use unnecessary components in our design and packaging.

All leftover fabrics are being made into accessories and all our textiles are 100% recycled.

We make products that are timeless and we never offer sales because we want to encourage customers to only buy what they need.