Doctors Without Borders

Lena Walton Herfindal

Location: Oslo
Crafts: Drawing, jewelry, embroidery and graphics

Being in life, having my hands intact so I can draw a line. My family and friends. There's so much that inspires, and inspiration is a complex thing. When it comes to art, it is only natural so there is nothing forced about that. 


Instagram: @pyritt_artworks
Location: Bergen
Crafting: Streetart

When I decide on a free motive, I do not want it to be self-explanatory in either title or motive. I would rather have the spectator create their own creative story around the piece as art is as subjective as it is.

Photo: Øistein Jakobsen / StreetArt Bergen.

Franco Cortez / Franky Dmiedo 

Instagram: @frankymiedo
Location: Lives in Oslo, comes from Karmøy
Crafting: Materialbasert og Digital Kunst

An examiner once called my art “Gesamtkunstwerk”, a nice pretentious word that can be boiled down to “total work of art”: where words, images, music and philosophy are joined into a whole. That's probably the nicest thing anyone has said about my art.


Location: Bergen
Craft: Drawing, Painting, Streetart, Sculpture, tattooing.

As an artist, I am probably characterized by several things. The motives, the line and the complexity of the execution and the different techniques and the channels I work with. As I work in many channels, I can probably be challenging to recognise. 


Instagram: @sorry.streetart
Location: Bergen
Craftin: Streetart

 You can tell things in a completely different way with art than you can do with words, the space you create in the interpretation of those who see when you do not explain, but let art speak for you is a very exciting place. 

Photo: Øistein Jakobsen / StreetArt Bergen.

Magnus Opsahl Hofseth

Location: Oslo
Crafting: Fashion Design

My final design will also have a sustainable element to it, as I have only used materials I have purchased for previous projects and tasks - nothing new. We have plenty of clothes and materials in the world, and it is exciting to be able to use what already exists to contribute something positive - which nevertheless represents myself!


Instagram: @mradolfito
Location: Bergen
Crafting: Streetart

I love experimenting with materials and how they play together, and I think that characterizes me. My lines are strong and careless, but In my case it is a mix of all the mentioned before.

Photo: Øistein Jakobsen / StreetArt Bergen.

Tri Viginti Unus 

Instagram: @tri_viginti_unus
Location: Bergen
Crafting: Streetart

I am happy when I can build images that are based on many different layers and that are comfortable and calm to look at. Photos where you can look for new details every time you studying it.

Photo: Øistein Jakobsen / StreetArt Bergen.

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