This is BRGN

With a common desire to create excellent options to traditional rainwear, Karine Trellevik Lunde and Ros-Mari Tobiassen Gaundal founded BRGN in 2015.


The two women finding love with their respective partners in the city between the seven mountains, Bergen, marked the beginning of a longterm companionship both as collegues and friends. However, an unanswered question on one of their regular hikes up the mount-Fløyen changed everything:

"Where do i find fashionable and water proof jackets, different from the typical rain coats or all-weather jackets, both able to manage the bergen-weather as well as finer occasions?"

Karine had no answer for Ros Maris’ question. No brand could meet either their standards or needs. With Karines’ long excperience as a designer and Ros-Maris’ excellent skills in business leadership, they decided to build the solution from scratch. This resulted in the entrepreneurial adventure of BRGN.

BRGN designer Karine Lunde

After gratuating from Esmod in 2004, Karine Trellevik Lunde worked both in the fashion and sports segments. This experience laid the foundation for a desire to combine the practicalities from sports with the aesthetics of fashion. The result became a line of technical and fashionable outerwear you want to wear no matter the weather or occasion.


With BRGN there is no need to compromise fashion for functionality. By providing modern urban customers with high quality outerwear, BRGN makes life both easier and more fashionable. With its hidden technical fixtures and fashion design, BRGN differs from other outerwear brands. Enjoy being both warm and dry and dress fashionable and functionally in all sorts of weather.


We live in one of the rainiest cities in the world. When it comes to rain, you ́ve got nothing on us. With rain comes life, our way of life. WE ARE BRGN.