Caring for your BRGN Shoes

Caring for Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots & High Leather Boots

We love that you like to care for your products, and here is how to treat BRGN Boots in the best way possible.

All open-pored, fine boot leathers should be impregnated, such as our handmade BRGN Boots in nubuck leather, to make it easier to wash off stains and dirt. Another positive side effect is that the impregnation products preserves the colour and prolongs the durability of the boots. If you dont impregnate leather boots it cause the colour to not set properly and it might stain your clothing. 

Use impregnation created for leather, available at your local shoe store. Purchase NikWax Nubuk & Suede Proof here.

In Norway especially, and in most other colder regions, the roads are sprinkled with salt during the winter season. Therefore, you should impregnate the shoes regularly – how often depends on how much you are wearing the shoes.

The boots can also feel a bit tight over the wrist, or other parts of the foot in the beginning. Chelsea Boots are made of real leather, and they will expand a bit over time to fit your feet. If you want to speed this process we have a little hack:
You can wear wet socks in the shoes, which will make the leather damp and it will expand a little bit.

Note: that the elastic on the Boots is not water resistant.

Now go out and enjoy the weather wherever you are! 🌦 

Sølepytt Sneakers 

Sølepytt is made using the same leather as Chelsea Boots, and therefore needs the same care to ensure that they last for years. Impregnating your sneakers make it easier to wash off stains and dirt, and preserves the colour and prolong durability. 

Use impregnation created for nubuck leather, available at your local shoe store or here in our webshop: Purchase NikWax Nubuk & Suede Proof here.

Before impregnating you sneakers it is important to remove the shoelaces, and be carefully with the fabric. Only the leather part of the boot should be impregnated, not anything else. 


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